[][src]Struct libc::user_fpregs_struct

#[repr(C)]pub struct user_fpregs_struct {
    pub cwd: c_ushort,
    pub swd: c_ushort,
    pub ftw: c_ushort,
    pub fop: c_ushort,
    pub rip: c_ulonglong,
    pub rdp: c_ulonglong,
    pub mxcsr: c_uint,
    pub mxcr_mask: c_uint,
    pub st_space: [c_uint; 32],
    pub xmm_space: [c_uint; 64],
    // some fields omitted


cwd: c_ushortswd: c_ushortftw: c_ushortfop: c_ushortrip: c_ulonglongrdp: c_ulonglongmxcsr: c_uintmxcr_mask: c_uintst_space: [c_uint; 32]xmm_space: [c_uint; 64]

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for user_fpregs_struct[src]

impl Copy for user_fpregs_struct[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for user_fpregs_struct

impl Sync for user_fpregs_struct

impl Unpin for user_fpregs_struct

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